Andrew Carter's Christmas Carols

Top recommendation in Gramophone Christmas music round-up
...the recording is of demonstration quality. The hand-picked Quire of London, directed by the composer, are alive to every subtle nuance of the master craftsman. Carter is the supreme carolist who can take the most hackneyed tune (Stille Nacht) and revive it into something ravishingly beautiful. My top recommendation. Gramophone

....the sound of this choir lacks nothing. It is full, rich and perfect in tuning and enunciation... With John Scott at the console, the accompaniment is quite simply perfection itself... Each (carol) is its own delight. One might think one's Christmas recording collection complete. Listening to this CD could cause one to rethink that position. Highly recommended. The American Organist

***** (Five stars) If you buy only one seasonal disc this Christmas, make it this. Carter has no peer amongst living composer-arrangers of carols... Highlights abound... Choir and organ are top-notch and the first-class booklet includes full texts. Guaranteed to please year after year. Yorkshire Evening Press.

His new collection...confirms an individual voice, with a predominantly gentle sense of wonder, simply but subtly harmonised. BBC Music Magazine

Here's a disc we've all been waiting for! There's something here for every performer, both for pleasurable listening and for inspiration for our own Christmas programmes. Sing for Pleasure

The 20-voice choir makes some impressive sounds, ably caught in the stunning sonic ambience... The ladies' voices soar freely, and the men's voices confidently underpin the vocal web... American Record Guide

Performance (Five stars) Recording (Four stars) Yorkshire Post

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