Andrew Carter's Christmas Carols CD

Andrew Carter Christmas Carols CDOn this highly acclaimed CD (See reviews here) from the York Ambisonic label, Andrew Carter conducts twenty of London's finest professional singers in a sequence of his best and most widely-known carols. Quire of London is accompanied by John Scott, organist of St Paul's Cathedral, who also performs two of Carter's solo pieces.

This rich and varied collection spans nearly forty years of writing, from the early arrangements when he conducted the Chapter House Choir at York Minster to the later original compositions commissioned by British and American choirs. Several carols represented here have found a place in the Christmas Eve broadcast from King's College, Cambridge.

1 A maiden most gentle  
2 Nightingale Carol  
3 Chanticleer Carol  
4 Angelus ad virginem  
5 I wonder as I wander  
6 Tomorrow shall be my dancing day  
7 Canon on Forest Green (Organ solo)  
8 Personent hodie  
9 Sweet was the song  
10 I come from highest heaven  
11 Spanish Lullaby  
12 Hodie Christus natus est
13 Down in yon forest
14 The Morning Star
15 O Come, O Come Emmanuel
16 Toccata on Veni Emmanuel (Organ solo)
17 There is no rose
18 Mary’s Magnificat
19 Make we merry
20 Spanish Carol
21 Polish Carol
22 C’était la veill’ de Noé
23 Austrian Yodel Carol
24 Stille Nacht



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